'Sherlock' Season 4 Release: What We Know So Far Following 'Abominable Bride' Special [VIDEO]


While The Abominable Bride helped tide fans over, Sherlock fans are desperately waiting for the arrival of season 4.

'Sherlock' Boss Previews 'Dark Stuff' Ahead for Season 4

Unfortunately, fans of the British mystery series are going to have to wait awhile. Sherlock co-creator Mark Gatiss spoke with Entertainment Weekly in mid-December and admitted that he had only just started on season 4.

"I just finished [writing] episode 1," he said.

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Seasons of Sherlock are traditionally three episodes long, but about an hour and a half. So essentially, each episode is like its own feature length movie.

As for what fans can expect from Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch), Watson (Martin Freeman) and the gang in season 4, Gatiss was coy but promised big things.

"Well, it's some more adventures. Ha ha!" Gatiss quipped, before adding: "All I can say is, this is a major, life-changing [season] for the regulars. The repercussions of Moriarty's [Andrew Scott] apparent return are far-reaching. It's very big stuff."

Fans will recall the big season 3 cliffhanger in which Moriarty returned from presumed death. It remains to be seen was repercussions Moriarty's presence will have in season 4, though based on Gatiss' comments, it will be big.

Sherlock season 4 doesn't start filming until later in the year, so don't expect any new episode for a while. The series was previously on an every-two-years schedule (Season 1 debuted in 2010, season 2 in 2012 and season 3 in 2014), but they won't be able to make that deadline for season 4. However, fans do have the Abominable Bride to obsess over until the expected 2017 premiere date.

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