Kourtney & Kim Take Miami, Season 3, Episode 9: Scott Disick Throws A Party (PREVIEW VIDEO)

Tonight's episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami, shows how Kourtney Kardashian and Kim Kardashian went away and left Scott Disick home all alone. Disick decided to throw a Lord Disick-themed party since he had the house all to himself.

Disick explained in his confessional to the cameras that "it's finally time for other people to appreciate the Lord!"

"The girls are gone so I figured what better way to share my royal title with some of my friends and let them feel what it's like to be me," he said of his newly acquired title Lord Disick. "But only for a little bit. Then they have to leave like peasants," he added.

Scott hired a butler to help host his medieval themed event and he announced Disick's arrival "in his wonderful carriage." Disick arrived iin a Bentley convertible, wearing a Tudor-style coat.

"Tonight, we dine like gentlemen!" he yelled to his guests when he arrived.

Disick then demanded flowers be strewn on the floor where he would walk by women he hired who were dressed in the appropriate period clothing. He also had a midget court jester blowing a trumpet. When he demanded that his butler to "feed the Lord!" One of his friends Joked" You want Jack to put his meat in your mouth?"

Later, he suggested that everyone break things around the house. "LD is here to stay," Disick said. "And to break some s**t."

Disick stole the spotlight last week when he harshly criticized Kourtney's weight in front of the cameras.

When she stepped on the bathroom scale with Disick and sister Kim standing nearby, they learned that she weighed 115 pounds. While Kim was impressed and said she was "jealous," Disick asked her: "Do you know what you're supposed to weigh for your average weight for your height?",

Kourtney said "around 105 pounds," and that she was 95 pounds when she and Disick met.

"I feel like 93 is the dream," Disick said."Your body was banging when I first saw you on the beach with that little ass."

When Kourtney asked why he cared how much she weighed, he replied, "Why wouldn't I care? You're my piece of machinery!"

"Right now seems to be probably the heaviest she's ever been not pregnant," he told the cameras. "When we had Mason I remember her trying to whip herself back into shape pretty quick. This time around it seems like it's the least of her concerns, and the only thing she thinks about are the kids...I just think that she would feel better if she got back into the shape that she feels the most comfortable in."

Kourtney cried over his comments. "You are so crazy. I'm trying to do this the healthy way," she told him.

"Do it the healthy way, just do it faster," Disick replied.

Kourtney & Kim Take Miami airs at 9/8c on Sundays on VH1

Watch the preview video of Scott Disick at his Lord Disick themed party

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