'The 100' Season 4: Octavia 'Can't Trust Anybody', Marie Avgeropoulos Previews A 'Darker Turn' [VIDEO]

Vengeance will not settle The 100's Octavia Blake.

Pike (Michael Beach) is gone, but Octavia's (Marie Avgeropoulos) despair will spill over into season 4. No one on The 100 ever has much time to grieve for their lost love ones (they've been on the ground barely six months), and the double sucker punch of Lincoln's (Ricky Whittle) death and Bellamy's (Bob Morley) betrayal will continue to smart when the post-apocalyptic drama returns in 2017.

"Next season you're going to see Octavia take an even darker turn into the depths of her despair and she makes some interesting choices then too," Avgeropoulos told IGN in the wake of the season 3 finale. "Octavia is going to be a double-edged sword next season."

Like Clarke, the Grounder/Arker might take a break from civilization. After all, there's a good chance she'll find herself even more alienated from her Skaikru brethren after killing their leader.

"I would hope Octavia does venture out on her own. She can't really trust anybody now to begin with," Avgeropoulos explained. While Bellamy would do anything to regain his sister's trust, O isn't exactly in the forgive-and-forget mood. "She's at odds with her own brother because Octavia and Bellamy were sort of enemies this season because he was on Pike's side and he was faced with a lot of difficult decisions...She's always in conflict about what to do [and] at the end of the day she's at conflict with the decision of family. Bellamy's the only family Octavia has. It's going to be tough for her next season."

With Earth barreling towards a second nuclear apocalypse, the Blake siblings might only have a few months to reconcile. If Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Co. don't find a way to save their new home, the Arkers' battle for a place on the Ground may have all been for naught.

Catch up with Octavia, Bellamy, Clarke and the rest of The 100 when the series' returns to The CW in January. Click the video below to see a preview for the series' latest episode, "Perverse Instantiation: Part 2."

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