Bobbi Kristina Brown 2016: Family Threatens To Expose The Truth Sooner Than Later [VIDEO]

Fans won’t have to wait until Bobby Brown’s sister, Leolah Brown, writes her tell-all to find out what really happened to Bobbi Kristina Brown and her mother Whitney Houston.

Both died after they were found unconscious in a bathtub (Houston on Feb. 11, 2012 and Bobbi Kristina on July 26, 20215) and Leolah has been adamant about exposing the truth since then. And while she has said she plans to release a tell-all to explain why she has proof both Houston and Bobbi Kristina’s incidents were no accidents, it looks like she doesn’t want to wait until then to reveal what she said is the absolute truth.

She wrote via Facebook on May 27 that she planned to “reveal it right here on FB this weekend…”

She added, “Therefore, prepare ourselves to get some information that has never been exposed or talked about between now and the top of next week. Hold on to your seats as I reveal what really & undeniably happened. There is nowhere to run & hide anymore… the truth some may THINK I don’t have is coming right here on my facebook page…”

She followed it up with a post on Sunday and told her followers, friends and lurkers that was gearing up to “upload this stuff” as she “promised…”
She said she had to look through everything first to make sure it is accurate before calling out “Mickey fickeys” who she said were involved.
“They are seriously insane the lies that they told on Whitney and Kriss! And me too! But now they have to face the music! See, I am more eager to get this out because you all have absolutely no idea the lies people have told on Whitney and Krissi and myself!...Now we gon see who’s lying!!!

She also pointed out that she must be telling the truth because no one has sued her yet.

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