Brock Turner Update: Convicted Rapist Gets New Order Following Release From Jail [VIDEO]

Brock Turner will have more to deal with after he gets out of jail.

The former Stanford University student, who was convicted of sexually assaulting a woman outside a fraternity house, is required to attend drug and alcohol counseling upon his release, according to Thursday's report from NBC News. He is also supposed to have random testing after he was reportedly caught lying about his habits from high school. He apparently denied drug and alcohol usage during this time, but that doesn't seem to be the case at all.

Probation manager Jana Taylor mentioned that Turner will have to attend counseling and go back to court when he's out of jail in September. Turner said the department doesn't "want to be placed in a position in the event we violate him for positive tests and his attorney argues we never modified probation to include counseling."

Turner's conviction became one of the biggest scandals of the year since he was sentenced behind bars for only six months. Not only that, but he's expected to serve only half the time for good behavior.

In a previous report from Washington Post, Turner's father, Dan, wrote a letter saying that his son feels remorse for the attack on the woman who was reportedly assaulted while unconscious.

"First of all, let me say that Brock is absolutely devastated by the events of January 17th and 18th 2015," the letter reads. "He would do anything to turn back the hands of time and have the night to do over again. In many one-on-one conversations with Brock since that day, I can tell you that he is truly sorry for what occurred that night and for all the pain and suffering that it has caused for all those involved and impacted by that night."

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