'Orange Is the New Black' Season 4 News: Why Adrienne C. Moore Is Proud To Call Herself A Fan [VIDEO]


Adrienne C. Moore is proud to admit that she's a fan of Orange Is the New Black.

Moore, who plays Black Cindy on the Netflix prison dramedy, spoke recently with Dr. Nancy Berk on the Whine at 9 podcast about her experience with the show. The actress revealed that she's still a fan of the series four seasons later.

"I'm not ashamed to admit I'm a fan of a show that I'm on," Moore said. "But I think if you've ever watched 'Orange', you see that it's a very powerful show that has, you know, [it's] chock-full of amazing, talented artists, and very topical subject matter that we're facing in our society today. So it's a way to talk about what's currently going on in an artistic way so that then we can have a discussion."

While plenty of fans have wondering which Orange Is the New Black inmate they would be, Moore admitted that if she were to play a different character, it wouldn't even be an inmate. Instead, it would be someone like Joe Caputo (Nick Sandow).

"I want to be able to leave the prison. Have that ability to have a life outside of the prison....I think the way Nick Sandow plays Caputo is just so dynamic." she said. "I know a lot of the girls get the focus on the show, obviously because they're the prisoners and that's kind of the main focus, but...we can't underestimate or overlook the men on our show who do such a fantastic job like Nick Sandow and Michael Harney (who portrays Litchfield counselor Sam Healy). They create such interesting characters."

While fans, the cast and the crew agree that Orange Is the New Black is one of the best shows on television, the Emmys don't seem to think so. The series only received one nomination this year, for Outstanding Casting for a Drama Series. Uzo Aduba, who won Emmys for the show's first two seasons, was completely snubbed this year, as was the rest of the cast. It remains to be seen if they will have a strong revival at the Emmys next year, with great supporting stars like Moore getting in.

Orange Is the New Black season 5 will drop next summer on Netflix, with the first four seasons available now to stream.

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