'Attack on Titan' Season 2 Spoilers: New Titan Shifter To Be Introduced In Finale? Will He Hold Key To Victory? [VIDEO]

Attack on Titan Season 2 is coming in February 2017, giving avid fans of the extremely popular franchise a concrete timeline before the next anime adaptation of the critically acclaimed manga officially starts. With this said, it would seem like Attack on Titan Season 2 would feature a very surprising conclusion.

So surprising, in fact, that the anime would be introducing a brand new titan shifter on its last episodes.

While this news might be surprising to many, it has to be noted that the Attack on Titan anime is noted for staying very faithful to its source material. Thus, it goes without saying that Attack on Titan Season 2 would be precisely following the manga as well.

With this said, it also has to be noted that the Attack on Titan manga has been in overdrive lately, with the heroes engaging in their most high-stakes battle yet, and while the battle did result in the deaths of many well-liked characters (including a certain one-armed man), it did culminate in the introduction of another, possibly special titan shifter.

Titan shifters in the Attack on Titan universe are people who have the ability to turn into a titan at will. What makes them special is the fact that they can take control of the massive titans' bodies without losing sight of their own humanity.

Eren, the franchise's main character, is Attack on Titan's primary titan shifter, and his journey from a rage-filled, primal fighter to a more focused, strategic and powerful warrior is one of the central themes of the manga. Needless to say, this would be focused on in the upcoming anime.

However, the manga's most recent installment ended with a very surprising twist, as one of the main characters was turned into a titan to stop him from dying. With this, the plot of Attack on Titan could only get more interesting, as the character who turned into Titan Shifter was someone who could very well be the determining factor in winning the war against the titans.

If the events of the manga are any indication, Attack on Titan Season 2 would be a pretty wild ride from beginning to end.  

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