'iZombie' Season 3: 'Goldbergs' Star Cast, EP Teases Brand-New Brains [VIDEO]

It's time for Goldbergs' Natalie Alyn Lind to swap the 1980s for the early days of America's zombie apocalypse.

The actress will guest on iZombie in season 3 as an "entitled and somewhat bratty girl" named Winslow Sutcliffe, according to TV Line. The confirmation comes in the wake of several behind-the-scenes photos from the 16-year-old actress.

 hey @thecwizombie what's up??

A photo posted by Natalie Alyn Lind (@natalynlind) on Aug 5, 2016 at 4:44pm PDT

Despite Winslow's supercilious teenage behavior, the youngster will prove integral to Liv (Rose McIver) and Clive's (Malcolm Goodwin) investigation. Winslow's BFF is DOA, and hopefully a little snooping will spark a Team Z vision.

Lind will presumably appear in either episode 2 or 3, which means she could appear as Liv dines on some of executive producer Diane Ruggiero's favorite brains.

"One that's coming up early on is that Liv and Major eat brains together and it's a dad and a daughter," Ruggiero told EnStars at San Diego Comic-Con. "Liv eats the brains of the Dad and Major eats the brains of the belligerent teenage daughter. So we get to see that play out."

Now that Filmore Graves is in the picture, Seatle has an entirely new sect of the undead to deal with. Can these new zombies be trusted, or will Liv have to fight a battle on two fronts. Find out more when iZombie returns to The CW later this year.  

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