'Braxton Family Values' Season 5: Past Drama Resurfaces, Causes More Tension With Sisters [VIDEO]

What started as a sisters’ night in ended with a screaming match after Tamar Braxton rubs her sisters the wrong way on WeTV’s Braxton Family Values.

The sisters dove into the topic of how their experience is working with each other on reality television. Avid fans know this is probably a touchy subject to begin with considering the drama they have had that played out on the small screen in previous seasons.

Toni Braxton was the first to speak on the “negative energy” but made it clear she didn’t want the special day to “go off the rails.”

Unfortunately it didn’t take long for her fear to come to pass.

While Tamar opened up about the opportunities the show has brought her, like releasing a Grammy-nominated album, Traci didn’t agree that their success on the show helped her become a background singer for Toni.
Tamar expressed her frustration with cameras.

“It’s really tough being the baby of the family because everyone expects for you to be the baby all of your life. And I’m not the baby. I’m the youngest, okay? And sometimes it’s really difficult because you’re trying to get your point across and they just feel like you don’t have that right.”

The sisters stayed silent when she said she didn’t think the show was “all negative” for the family.

Tamar continued to try to make her point but Toni had reached her breaking point. Tamar also was clearly upset after Towanda seemed more concerned with the ladies finishing up a card game they were playing.
In the end, Toni walked away before getting into a brief spat with Tamar.

“I just wish Tamar would just stop it. I can’t take it. She’s my sister I love her. We just seem to be arguing all the time. She seems to be the ringleader and she can’t see it”

That’s when their mother got involved with Tamar refused to have a sit-down then and there.

Check it out.

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