'Dragon Ball Super' News: Black Goku, Future Trunks To Summon Omni King In Episode 57? [VIDEO]

Dragon Ball Super is neck-deep in its plot since last week, when Black Goku transformed into his Super Saiyan Rose form and made quick work of Vegeta. With Zamasu making an appearance before the episode's end, speculations are high that the battle against Black Goku has just gotten a lot more interesting.

Episode 57 Preview

The preview for Episode 57 was pretty straightforward. With Vegeta taken out of the battle, it became up to Trunks to keep Zamasu occupied while Son Goku tries to take care of the now-uber-powerful Black Goku. What was particularly interesting was that before the preview ended, Son Goku's voice over stated that attacks do not work on Zamasu anymore.

With Black Goku in his nigh-unbeatable Super Saiyan Rose form and Zamasu allegedly immune to attacks, the threat that the two villains poses have become very legitimate. In fact, it would probably not be long before the button that Zeno gave Son Goku would finally get pressed.

Zeno's Button - Will it Get Pressed on Episode 57?

In previous episodes, the Omni King personally gave Son Goku a special button that would immediately summon the God of Everything wherever the Z fighter is. Thus, if Son Goku ever finds himself in a pinch, a single press of that button would ultimately result in the mother of all instances of Deus Ex Machina in anime, as Zeno, who allegedly destroyed multiple universes in the past just because he got upset.

With the threat of Black Goku and Zamasu being established, fans are speculating that Zeno's button might very well be pressed, possibly within Episode 57. Considering Son Goku's personality, however, it is unlikely that he would be the one to press the button. If so, who would summon the Omni King?

Future Trunks, Black Goku to Summon the Omni King?

Considering the pinch that Son Goku, Vegeta and Future Trunks have found themselves in during the rematch with Black Goku, numerous fans are speculating that the next episode would see one of the characters press the faithful button, summoning the God of Everything to the ravaged future.

Since it is highly unlikely that Son Goku would press the button himself, it is possible that it would be Black Goku who would do it. If Black Goku does manage to defeat Son Goku, he would most likely be curious about what the button would do. Another possibility is Future Trunks, who would probably be realistic enough to ask for help when the situation turns even more dire. 

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