'The Walking Dead' Season 7 Premiere: How Did Fans React To Big Reveal Over Negan Victim? [VIDEO]

WARNING: If you have not see the season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead and do not wish to know who died, do not continue reading


The big moment finally came, and about 20 minutes into the season premiere of The Walking Dead, fans finally learned who was 'It' during Negan's (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) twisted game of "Eeenie Meenie Miney Mo"--and just a few more minuted after that they also learned, along with the rest of the group, that Negan was serious when he said going against him wouldn't fly.

Through a Rick (Andrew Lincolon) flashback POV, the show revealed that Abraham (Michael Cudlitz), was the one who Negan had initially chosen as his victim, and the resulting scene as his head was bashed to a bloody pulp wasn't pretty, nor was the moment where Negan then taunted the gang, specifically a devastated Rosita (Christian Serratos), and splashing Abraham's blood onto Rick's face, before Daryl (Norman Reedus) surged forward and assaulted Negan. That move proved to be fatal once again, when Negan decided to further prove his point by then smacking Glen (Steven Yeun) in the head with Lucille, hitting him hard enough to pop his eye out of his head, before he too began to get his head bashed beyond recognizability.

Though both characters were highly probable victims due to the deaths they received in the comics (Glenn was Negan's victim there, while Abraham was supposed to receive the death that Denise got in season 6), it didn't take the sting out from fans, who reacted on social media with a mix of shock, disgust and heartbreak over the double whammy, especially when it came to Glen's death, since he'd been a huge part of the series since season one:







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