Foods That Help De-Bloat: 6 Foods That Help Gastrointestinal System

The holidays might be the most wonderful time of the year, and they're also the yummiest. With Thanksgiving around the corner and December just a couple of weeks away, we know we're about to partake on a food journey that's sure to leave our cravings fulfilled. However, stuffing your face comes at a price: bloat. Nothing cute about feeling like you're about to explode after your turkey dinner.

While you can't totally prevent bloat, there are foods that can help you minimize its effects. Here are some of our favorites:

Yogurt is jam-packed with probiotics, which help with your gastrointestinal system.

Bananas have oodles of potassium, which helps regulate your sodium intake and de-bloat.

Nuts contain fiber and antioxidants, plus they don't hold on to water like starchy foods.

Artichokes keep your tummy calm and can even help soothe constipation. Score!

Lentils contain fiber and protein, along with complex carbs. They're your one-way ticket to flat tummy-ville.

Cucumbers are an anti-bloat MVP due to them being natural diuretics.

And, obviously, substituting water for every other drink you're planning on having that day is going to help keep your tummy calm.

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