Thanksgiving Food That Won't Irritate Or Bloat

My Thanksgiving dinners always have a schedule. First, I tell myself I'll only have a small piece of turkey and a bit of mashed potatoes to save room for a slice of pumpkin pie. Next, I end up eating a gigantic chunk of turkey. Oh, and a plate full of mashed potatoes. Oh, and stuffing. Finally, I fall asleep on the couch as my family swaps out the dinner for the dessert.

As amazing and delightful as a gigantic Thanksgiving dinner is, it doesn't exactly make you feel wonderful about yourself. You either pass out, or can't move or just generally contemplate dying after your third full plate.

Instead of reaching for the potatoes, here's what will make you feel like a bit less of a glutton after you eat it:

Turkey (but only the white meat)

You can still have turkey! Just don't touch the skin, wings, things or legs and opt for the breast instead. You'll save plenty of calories.


Wait, what? No, don't eat an apple instead of a full meal -- just nosh on one before starting dinner. That way, by the time you sit down to stuff your face, you'll be a bit more full and you'll be less inclined to overeat.

Practice the two-thirds rule

Never heard of the fraction? It's easy! Make sure that two-thirds of your plate is made up of a rainbow of veggies. The veggies will help fill you up (and there's so many of them to munch on, too.) The other third can consist of turkey, stuffing, or whatever you want. 

Start with a creamy veggie soup

A yummy and hearty butternut squash soup will quell your starving stomach prior to the big dinner if you start with it.

Whatever you do, don't sit down.

That couch might be calling your name, but force yourself to leave the dinner table the moment you're full. Plan a long walk, so that your stomach (and your head) doesn't hate you come Black Friday morning.

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