'Star Wars Episode 8' Cast News: Late Carrie Fisher To Play BIgger Role As Princess Leia Organa [VIDEO]

Many have been waiting for the Star Wars Episode 8 release and it seems that they will still have to be patient as the series is slated to air on December 15, 2017. Aside from that, actress Carrie Fisher might still make an appearance to the show as Princes Leia Organa.

According to NME, the Star Wars Episode 8 has been confirmed to air on December 15, 2017. This means the show's patrons will just have to wait for over a year before Skywalker and Rey start jolting the First Order across the other side of the galaxy. For now, viewers can just sit back and get ready for Darth Vader's return in Rogue One.

Furthermore, Mobile & Apps stated on its article that a lot of Star Wars' patrons are thinking that Carrie Fisher's death will affect her role as Leia Organa in "Star Wars" Episode 8. But then, it was reported that the film was already finished before the actress died last month and she was able to finish shooting for her role in the movie.

Also, Carrie Fisher already completed her next feature in the Star Wars Episode 8. The prime photography of the imminent movie wrapped on July 22, 2016.

It was also reported that Carrie Fisher takes a larger role in the Star Wars Episode 8. Princess Leia Organa became the leader of the Resistance in the episode 7 and noticeably also in the episode 8. Nevertheless, there are no details available details when it regard to Fisher's larger role.

Carrie Fisher may have finished the Star Wars Episode 8, but there are no details if her role Leia Organa will also make an appearance in the final episode 9 of the franchise. Just in case, the film studio may use CGI technology to fill her character, but there is no word about this yet.

As the Star Wars: Episode 8 confirmed to be released December 15 this year; its patrons will need to wait a little longer. Moreover, Carrie Fisher is anticipated to still make its appearance on the show and aside from Star Wars, she also finished the filming of her role in the third season of the TV Series Catastrophe.

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