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AMD Ryzen CPUs Are All Unlocked and Overclocking [Video]

AMD is on its way to a big year. It has unveiled its highly-efficient next-generation central processors and chipsets during the recent CES event.

By Brian Ang, EnStars on Jan 09, 2017 11:51 AM EST
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AMD Presents a Breakthrough Showcase at the CES 2017 Event
The California-based tech company unleashes the high-performing X370 chip and other related next-gen products. (Photo : Bryan Steffy/Getty Images)

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has provided a noteworthy presentation for the upcoming Ryzen central processing items and the Vega graphics processors. Although the anticipation has been high for the next generation systems architecture, the efficiency of gaming accessories has also taken center stage.

It is highly likely that the Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) group will be a dominant force in 2017 due to its strong opening show. With its ingenious computation and memory processing plus sophisticated chips, the tech manufacturer is already leading the pack entering the new season.

AMD has made a huge impression during the organization's CES demonstrations. With the AM4 motherboard in place, key elements have been revealed.

Primarily, all Ryzen Summit Ridge CPUs are unlocked. With an unmodified multiplier in place, the system possesses an overclocking capability.

In line with this, AMD's new X370, X300 and the B350 components are designed to support overclocking activities. However, the A320 and the A300 sets are incapable of performing this high-performing action.

The new central processors have different core counts. The highest contains eight cores with sixteen threads.

During the recent electronics show, AMD has showcased 18 different platforms variations. Brands included during the presentation come from the ASRock, ASUS, BIOSTAR, GIGABYTE and MSI companies.

Leading the list of Ryzen-compatible AM4 socket motherboards is the sophisticated X370. Compared to the AM3+ and the FM2+ systems, this next generation chip is definitely a huge upgrade considering the presence of the DDR4, the NVMe, the M.2 support and the USB 3.1 Gen 2 components.

The mid-level B350 set provides efficient functionality at affordable price while the A300 is intended for budget-friendly structures.

In addition, AMD has also introduced the new X300 chip which is intended for smaller platforms such as the Mini-ITX and the Micro-ATX frames. A small one can accommodate an 8-core system and an i7 6900 class central processor.

The current products of the California-based tech organization is a breakthrough since the processing units are its first microarchitecture that present simultaneous multi-threading.

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