‘Rick And Morty’ Season 3 Spoilers: New Trailer Suggests Unbridled Adventure; Morty And Jessica Get Intimate [Watch]

Rick and Morty fans were expecting Season 3 to get on air by December 2016 as it had been hinted at by creator Dan Harmon. The show is likely to premiere in March, 2017.

However, a March 2017 premiere means more waiting time for fans but the latest clip released by Adult Swim indicates at loads of crazy adventure and also something interesting between Morty and Jessica.

The recent clip on Youtube for Rick and Morty Season 3 is not long and cohesive but sufficient to arouse the curiosity of fans. Fans have been analyzing each frame to get clues about the adventures that the duo will be indulging in and what has come out is quite interesting. The clip shows Morty eavesdropping on a group of high school girls when Rick appears out of nowhere and drags him for another dangerous adventure.

This adventure is unique in that it resembles the dogfights in the Star War films and is like an intergalactic space battle. Sadly, things go awry for the grandfather and the grandchild.

The two end up losing control inside the spacecraft. Even Rick feel that it has gone a little too far, claims FansidedThe two are in a mess and do not even get time to shed tears. They are instead chased and almost get captured by a group of aliens.

The fans who have analyzed the clip say that these aliens look like sperms and the huge spacecraft in which Rick and Morty got into looked like a massive robotic female genitalia. This has led to conjectures about Morty and Jessica. It is said that the clip might be hinting at a storyline that has Morty obsessed about getting intimate with Jessica.

However, the creators have not commented about this theory and thus, it remains to be seen if the speculation will materialize in the coming episodes. It may be mentioned here that the sci-fi cartoon has been known to contain sexual references as well as slangs in its content. Also, an official announcement of Rick and Morty Season 3 premiere is still awaited.

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