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AMD Vega 10 GPU Based Radeon Vega Graphics Card Seen At CES 2017: Dual Slot Card, Full Length Featuring 8 GB of HBM2 VRAM [Video]

The AMD Vega 10 GPU based Radeon Vega graphics which was demonstrated at multiple events including CES. The upcoming graphics card was seen running in a PC alongside the Ryzen CPU and running DOOM at 4K resolution.

By Harsh Soni, EnStars on Jan 10, 2017 08:26 AM EST
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AMD Vega 10 vs. NVIDIA Pascal GPU
Latest benchmark results hint on how GeForce GTX 1080 Ti will beat Radeon RX 500 series. (Photo : Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Based on the Radeon Vega graphics, the AMD Vega 10 GPU, has been shown at many levels including at the recent CES in which it has been pictured in a video published by LinusTechTips. The upcoming technology can be seen running a DOOM at 4K resolution along with the Ryzen CPU

The Graphic Card which is pictured and published by LinusTechTips, is still in its engineering state as the product is months away from the debut for consumers. However, there are still many interesting things which Raja Koduri and Linus talks about in the video.

We already know that AMD Vega 10 graphics cards will be available for the consumers, workstation and server variants. The consumer variants will be branded Radeon while the professional cards feature the new FirePro WX and Instinct branding. The engineering sample that was running at CES 2017 use a longer version of the cooler shroud that is featured on Radeon RX 480 and it looks really neat for the graphics card itself.

Linus had managed to get special permission from AMD and took off the side panel to leak out an interesting Vega 10 based Radeon Graphic Card.

From the video, it is revealed that PCB on the back remains bare. The card utilizes a blower style cooler and it has a dual slot body. The Radeon logo on the side has red LEDs which light up when the card is operating. The cooling assembly has some various parts; the heatsink block is attached above the GPU and it is held in place through a metal bracket that can be viewed on the back. The cooler shroud is held by several screws, which are located on the PCB, reports WCCFTech.

The PCB also doesn't have any traces for GDDR5 memory, as all the memory is held on the interposer itself since its HBM2 based. The power connections which are still a secret as AMD decided to put tape on the input ports. The reason they did this is because the Vega sample board is also not indicative of the final GPU and graphics board. So it's there to avoid any confusion between sample and retail boards.

AMD's high-end Vega 10 GPU will be available to consumers from first half of 2017. The chip spans a die size of over 500mm2 from early calculations and sports two HBM2 stacks, which is incorporating up to 16 GB of HBM2.

The consumer variant that was demonstrated using DOOM and Star Wars: Battlefront featured 8 GB of HBM2 VRAM. The specific device ID for the consumer variant is 687F:C1.

The graphics card is looking to be a killer 4K AAA gaming product and now can't wait for it to launch in summer 2017.





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