Xiaomi Mi Mix Review

The Xiaomi Mi Mix apparently looks like a concept phone of the future. It has reportedly very striking features, like the almost bezel-less screen, which takes up almost the entire front of the unit that extends right up into the top corners. While the technology seems remarkable, it is interesting to see if Xiaomi can live up as a serviceable phone that also represents the future of smartphone design.

In its recent post, Stuff.tv indicates that the device looks like it is floating, courtesy of the incredible, almost bezel-free screen, that sits right up against three of the phone's edges. At a glimpse, the Mi Mix looks just one big screen because the bezels are really tiny with 91.3% screen-to-body ratio, higher than any other phone available now. At 6.4in, it is also huge, but at 1080P it does not have the pixel density of rivals. Furthermore, there is an apparent noticeable drop-off in sharpness, that is not obvious in a phone with a QHD screen.

The resolution is reportedly actually slightly higher at 2040x1080, that gives the phone an obstinate 17:9 aspect ratio. Apparently, this will not pose a problem when in Google Chrome, Instagram or Facebook, but denote that YouTube videos will get letterboxes, negating a near bezel-free screen. Apart from resolution, the screen seemingly still manages to amaze due to its high brightness, excellent contrast and color saturation. Nevertheless, viewing angles are not commendable especially when the phone is turned into an angle where objects will start to look a little washed out.

According to Digital Trends,the Mi Mix has a very simple shape, and its splendid simplicity do not stand out until you start examining the refinements. It is reported that there are no speakers or sensors on the front of the device. Instead, the speaker is lodge behind the screen itself and uses specially designed piezoelectric technology to transmit sound to the ear. Apparently, Xiaomi has taken away the regular proximity sensor thereby making way for an ultrasonic module that is located behind the screen. The Mi Mix outwardly is not all appearances, but it is also an impressive technical feat.

The body is apparently excellently built and it is made from ceramic, not metal and glass. The Mi Mix is glossy and gets easily covered by fingerprints and stains. The device is also slippery and there's no texture or ridges down the side such that it slips and slides around. One thing is for sure, acquiring the Mi Mix requires carefulness and vigilance.

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