Angelina Jolie Filled with Envy Over George Clooney's Wife Amal, George Clooney Asked his Longtime Friend Brad Pitt for Parenting Advice

George Clooney, who's expecting twins with his beautiful wife Amal, recently asked his longtime friend Brad Pitt for parenting advice. However, in recent six months, the pair was barely speaking to each other, and all because of Angelina Jolie's jealousy over the successful and stunning human rights lawyer.

Angelina Jolie couldn't stand being around Amal, an insider reviled to Life & Style, and not because Amal was rude or unkind, but only because Angie was filled with envy. The insider added that she didn't keep her negative feelings to herself. Instead, the 41-year-old actress refused to see the Clooney and made pretty negative comments about Amal to mutual friends in every chance she gets.

"Angelina would even knock Amal's looks and fashion sense," the insider explained. While Amal seemed to ignore it, George didn't want to sit still and watch his lovely wife get cut down. To make things even worse, George Clooney was especially hurt because his longtime friend Brad Pitt wouldn't stand up to Angelina Jolie, Daily World reported.

It's no surprise that Angelina Jolie would distance herself from the successful and stunning human rights lawyer Amal. In a 2011 interview, the mother-of-six revealed she doesn't have many female friends.

"Well, I have a few girlfriends, I just... I stay at home a lot," she told Marie Claire. "I'm just not very social. I don't do a lot with them, and I'm very homebound." Angelina Jolie added that she talks to her family, she talks to Brad ... But she admitted she doesn't have many friends. Brad was basically the only person she talks to.

Since Angelina Jolie blindsided Brad by filing for divorce in September last year, he and George have become close friends again. It seems that it took some time for George to forgive and accept Brad once again because he was really hurt. However, he understands what Brad was up against being married to Angie. She's tough.

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