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MacBook Pro 2017 Update: Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo Hinted 32 GB RAM; Upcoming MacBook Will Flaunt New Technologies [VIDEO]

Apple is set to unveil the MacBook Pro 2017 with new technologies and an enormous 3 GB of RAM.

By Staff Writer, EnStars on Mar 17, 2017 05:37 PM EDT
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MacBook Air
Apple Inc. will incorporate new technologies to its upcoming MacBook Pro 2017. (Photo : Brian Kersey/Getty Images)

The patrons of Apple Inc. have been waiting for the MacBook Pro 2017 release. Now, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo shed some light as he hinted that the upcoming member of MacBook Pro family will boast huge 32 GB of RAM.

According to Macworld, tech analyst Ming-Chi Kuo formerly forecast that there will be an update to the entire range of Apple devices in 2017. It can be remembered that it was in Oct. 2016 when he told customers that there is a probability that the Cupertino-based tech giant will launch the MacBook Pro 2017 in the second half of this year. He even revealed that the upcoming MacBook pro will boast support for 32GB of RAM, with the stipulation that Intel would unveil the prerequisite processors in time.

Nevertheless, during the time he referenced Cannonlake processors; in February 2017 he issued a new note stating that the new MacBook Pro 2017 will be engineered with Kaby Lake processors. He even claimed that the 13-inch and 15-inch versions of the MacBook Pro will see an update on the way to the end of 2017. The tech analyst even said that the mass production of these models will start in third quarter of this year.

Furthermore, Bloomberg has noted that Apple really wanted to bring new technologies to the MacBook Pro 2017. As a matter of fact, it has been reported to be already designing the ARM-based chip for the MacBook Pro 2017 to be capable of handling the power prerequisite of the Touch Bar. This chipset will also take a grip of some of the assignments currently done by the Intel CPU.

Previously, in the MacBook Pro 2016, the ARM chip only powers the Touch Bar and remains independent with the main components. But then with the new redesign for MacBook Pro 2017 it would be changed resulting to prolonged battery life. The ARM-based chip will now shoulder the low power functionalities which include the "Power Nap" feature mainly to decrease power consumption.

As of now, Apple Inc. hasn't uttered any word about the MacBook Pro 2017 release date. Also the above mentioned specs are just based on predictions and anticipations, thus advised to be taken with skepticism.

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