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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Julian Jerome Returns Amidst Reports Of Leaving Show While Nancy Grahn Reveals Love Scene With Him [VIDEO]

"General Hospital" spoilers tease that Julian Jerome will retrun to the show despite reports that he will leave due to his presumed death from a fatal fall off the bridge and Nancy Grahn reveals lobe scene with him.

By Carie P., EnStars on Mar 17, 2017 06:00 PM EDT
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General Hospital
People's favorite daytime soap opera, "General Hospital" is currently releasing another set of updates regarding the events that fans might expect to happen for the remaining days this week. (Photo : Earl Gibson III/Getty Images)

"General Hospital" spoilers claim that Julian Jerome (William deVry) is not really dead and will return in the show despite reports of his death because of a fatal fall when he fell off from the bridge. Actually, he survived and will return to [Port Charles and this was confirmed by Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) as she also revealed steamy love scenes with him.

Nancy mentioned in her tweet that Julian will be returning and she complaining about her day in the shoot as she mentioned that she just had her love scene and her boob got exposed. Actually, it's not this that made the big deal but the love scene. "General Hospital" spoilers suggest that Alexis actually have love scene with Julian since there is no on else she would do this thing except with him.

After all, fans wondered how Julian could die from the fall if Winston Rudge (David Lee) and pregnant Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) also survived the same fall off the bridge same with him. It obviously seemed to appear that he basically went to the other side and Alexis never had the chance to see him after that. So if he thought that she got away, running off would be a wise idea for him to do at that time as per Soap Hub.

As Julian survived the fall as per "General Hospital" spoilers, Olivia Jerome (Tonia Walker) would not be happy except of course for Alexis. Then Alexis will soon discover that Julian was not actually to blame for the fall of their marriage since Liv has been controlling him for a long time and has been forcing him to return to the mob. She made him torment Alexis and would eventually kill Carlos Rivera (Jeffrey Vincent Parise).

In fact, it will never make sense as to why Julian needs to murder and kill Carlos since the latter was a loyal Jerome soldier and he had been quiet all his life. Then it was revealed in "General Hospital" spoilers that Liv actually wanted Carlos to die so that Julian would have no allies left with him. Liv was literally eliminating everything form Julian including Alexis and his children Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) and Lucas Jones (Ryan Carnes) as per TV Source Magazine.

"General Hospital" spoilers claim that Alexis is ready to sacrifice and hit the rock bottom as Liv is finally out of Port Charles. Then because of this, Julian will realize that it is already safe to return and will come back to have Alexis back in his life.

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