'Dragon Ball Super' News & Update: Tournament Of Power Continues, Everything That We Need To Know

Goku is set to let Vegeta join in their team to battle against the other universes in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 83. This is also the time that Goku recruits more fighters in order to join them to protect their own universe.

Empty Lighthouse reported that a tournament between Goku and Toppo was seen in "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 82. Toppo has wanted to beat Goku as he did not approve of Goku having to put the universes in danger on the Tournament of Power.

Goku is from Universe 7 while Toppo is from Universe 11. This is an unexpected fight for the two universes in Dragon Ball Super. Beerus on the other hand has been anxious about this battle because he is reluctant for the other universes to study Goku's fight moves.

Toppo is determined to defeat Goku in this battle. It can be recalled that Goku has been the one responsible for the tournament of Power at the start of the Universal Survival Arc in "Dragon Ball Super."

Mobi Picker reported that Goku will recruit Vegeta in the tournament to join the team in "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 83. However, Vegeta is hesitant since he is expecting his child with Bulma. Goku will be back in his universe in order to find other fighters to help him defend Universe 7.

In the Tournament of Power Goku will realize that it is not easy defending for his team. The other fighters are also determined and are strong enough to protect their universe in the upcoming episodes of "Dragon Ball Super."

Meanwhile, Gamers Sphere reported that Vegeta and Bulma's child is the one that Goku and the team must protect in "Dragon Ball Super." It is to be expected that Bulla will be born in the upcoming episode of the anime series.

The Tournament of Power continues in "Dragon Ball Super" with Goku expecting, to find other fighters to join him in the battle.

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