Warner Bros. Change Of Plans: DC Universe Will Copy Marvel Style

Warner Bros. has announced that the two movies of Justice League are a similar story, meaning, it will be taken on the same time. However, the huge entertainment company decided to shoot the two movies differently and fans are clueless about what it means.

"Batman V Superman" was expected to hit $1 billion dollars, however, it only took roughly $873 million. Although the money acquired a huge amount, it's far from what they are hoping for. The movie has also received less praise and more critics from its audiences.

It's another movie, "Suicide Squad," has also received unfavorable feedback. Therefore, Warner Bros. has decided to come up with a new plan and transform it into Marvel-like movies -- fun, colorful, and light. They want to make it look less than Christopher Nolan's Batman films, which means that darkness and death are out while introducing humor to its scene.

This might cause stress to the studio because they had planned their films based on their previous approach. However, their transition will cause the films after "Man Of Steel" and "Batman V Superman" to have a different strategy.

As for the new film, "The Batman," Inquisitr `reported that its main star Ben Affleck has left the director's role after a series of rewrites took place. Because of this, speculations suggest that he might leave his phenomenal role himself. If this happens, the film will be doomed since his role for the "Dark Knight" is the best part of the DC universe and Warner Bros.

With all the intended changes, the real question is if it will save the upcoming movies from failure and the eyes of the critics. Otherwise, it's better for the entertainment studio to have all its upcoming films canceled.
What do you think of Warner Bros. plan? Do you think it will be enough? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below.

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