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AT&T Announced Throttling To Grandfathered Unlimited iPad Data Plan Subscribers

AT&T has informed that Grandfathered Unlimited iPad Data Plan Subscribers will experience throttling.

By Maricris Jose, EnStars on Apr 30, 2017 09:15 AM EDT
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AT&T has emailed the grandfather Grandfathered Unlimited iPad Data Plan subscribers that they will experience throttle in data usage. (Photo : Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

AT&T has informed its Grandfathered Unlimited iPad Data Plans Subscribers that they will be experiencing throttling after 22 GB usage.

According to MacRumors, AT&T has sent out emails to its loyal subscribers who continued to patronize a grandfathered unlimited data plan for the iPad. The said email aims to inform them that the data plan's unlimited status will be eliminated on May 24, 2017.

In this case, the subscribers of AT&T with an unlimited tablet data plan may see their data usage adjusted when consuming more than 22 GB of data during a single bill period. The US major carrier specified that data may be slowed down during times of network jamming.

Furthermore, Apple Insider has noted that the email to grandfathered tablet data customers stated that "We hope you're enjoying surfing, streaming, downloading, gaming, watching, and more on your iPad. Heads up: Starting on May 24, 2017, when you use more than 22GB of data in one bill period, we may slow down your data speeds during periods of network congestion for the rest of your bill period."

For AT&T subscribers owning an iPad, this new data constraint is somewhat a surprise to them. This was because the US major carrier has largely left its grandfathered unlimited tablet plans intact for the past seven years.

It can be recalled that AT&T previously stirred up an argument when it adjusted grandfathered unlimited smartphone plans in 2011. The said decision of the company to regulate unlimited users caught the anger of the Federal Trade Commission, which filed a lawsuit against AT&T way back in2014 for misleading practices. Nevertheless, the case that was filed has been dismissed last year.

The AT&T subscribers under grandfathered unlimited tablet users pay $29.99 plus tax for sustained service. To compare, AT&T's present prepaid DataConnect Pass Auto Renew selection in the $30 range buys 4 GB of data, with the additional advantage of tethering.

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