'Love And Hip Hop Atlanta' Season 6: Karlie Redd's New Man Catches Her Getting Too Close To Yung Joc [VIDEO]

Karlie Redd is in the hot seat after she showed off her boyfriend, Caesar of VH1's Black Ink Crew, to Yung Joc, only to be cuddled up with Yung Joc in the following episode. Now, Caesar has confronted her about it in a teaser for VH1's Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

In the clip, Karlie tries to have a romantic moment with Caesar, but he clearly has other plans.

"You know the funniest thing?" he said. "I was in [New York] the other day and somebody was talking about your Jamaica trip."

Fans who watched the series saw Karlie go on what could have appeared to be a couple's trip with her friends, including her ex, Yung Joc. Although Joc brought another girl along to make Karlie jealous, there is speculation that Joc and Karlie ended up having a romantic moment of their own.

Caesar called out Karlie about the trip made her stop in her tracks.

"It's all over these blogs," Caesar said. "I see my woman in a video with her ex in one of the most romantic spots in the world. I went back to Harlem and [people] are laughing at me. So please explain this."

Karlie definitely tries her best.

"Joc was not supposed to be there. His nosy a** flew out to Jamaica. I was doing like this and Joc wanted to bring his nosy a** in my camera. But, completely nothing going on between me and Joc. The only thing he did was apologize to me."

But Caesar was confused as to why Karlie wanted an apology if things were finished.

"All of the things he's done to me has damaged me," she said. "That was the worst relationship of my life."

Caesar is clearly not buying it and said Karlie should have told him. Take a look at his response.

See the full episode Monday at 8/7c on VH1. 

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