Cameran Eubanks Husband: He Didn't Believe 'Southern Charm' Star's Baby News [VIDEO]

Cameran Eubanks' husband wasn't sold on her baby news at first.

During an interview, the Southern Charm star's co-star and friend, Craig Conover, revealed that Jason Wimberly was hesitant to believe that his wife was truly expecting their first child.

"I know that Jason's really, really, really excited and didn't believe her for a little while," Conover revealed to The Daily Dish over the weekend. "He's like, 'No way,' and she's like, 'I'm serious.'"

As fans will recall, Eubanks opened up during season three about her questions on becoming a parent and didn't seem too sure about the idea.

However, after going to counseling, Eubanks had a change of heart and those around began to notice.

"Just the way she would act around Kensie and [St. Julien] at events we were at, I started to notice that she would spend all the time with them. So you could tell there's a part of her that really wanted kids," he said. "She was just scared to be pregnant. That's what it always was. She just never articulated it -- she just didn't want to be pregnant. That's why she talked about wanting to have a surrogate and stuff. She's excited to have the kids, but I think she's starting to get a little sick and stuff."

Conover went on to reveal that while Eubanks may feel "huge" as she embarks on the second half of her pregnancy, although, she barely looks pregnant at all.

"She came over the other day, and we had to do something together, and I forgot she was pregnant for the first 10 minutes 'cause you can't tell," he explained. "She's like, 'I'm huge.' And I'm like, 'You don't even have a baby bump.' And she's, like, sticking her belly out, and she's like, 'See, I'm pregnant.' And I'm like, 'You don't look pregnant at all, Cameran.'"

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