Tiffany Haddish Book: Comedienne's Ex-Husband Denies Physically Abusing Her After She Detailed Moments In Her Memoir

Tiffany Haddish’s ex-husband has surfaced just days after her book exposed his alleged physical abuse against her that ended with her miscarrying a child.

He has denied any claims that he hurt the comedienne.

Tiffany Haddish's Ex-Husband Speaks

William Stewart spoke with The Ryan Cameron Morning Show on Atlanta’s V-103 and refuted Haddish's side of the story that she told in The Last Black Unicorn. While it has been described as a memoir, Stewart said many of the stories in it are untrue.

He first began and said he tied the knot with Haddish and “her issues, not the Hollywood lifestyle.” Haddish rose to a new level of fame with the release of the successful Girls Trip movie this summer.

“I have never beat or hit or called a woman a ‘MF’ or ‘B’ while having a disagreement ever in my life,” said Stewart. “I never caused a miscarriage, I have documents to prove this.”

He then revealed that Haddish told him about the book a few weeks ago and warned him that he would be extremely upset. He went on to say he didn’t want to tear down the brand that he “helped build,” but still wanted people to know what really went down as far as he is concerned.

He also said he has been looking for a lawyer but hopes it won’t get to the point where he will have to air out the dirty laundry of his own. He said that both he and Haddish are convinced they can come to terms on how to move forward amicably.

Tiffany Haddish Uncovers Life Of Abuse

In her book, Haddish detailed moments in which Stewart allegedly abused her terribly. She said it got to the point that she went to a local police station. When she realized it was closed, she called the police and told her they need to put her behind bars before she murders Stewart. Officers arrived at her location and observed that she had bad “bruises, cuts and scrapes” all over her body.

They proceeded to call the ambulance and Stewart was taken into custody. She revealed that she suffered a miscarriage the following day. She had no idea that she was even with child.

Also in the memoir, Haddish opened up about her childhood, not learning how to truly read until she was in high school, and being a victim of molestation in foster care.

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