Kim Kardashian A Meghan Markle Ally Amid Storm of Criticisms


Keeping Up with the Kardashians star Kim Kardashian showed her support for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry and told Daily Mail that the two are changing the world. She also mentioned that she sees herself in Markle in so many ways.

The 38-year-old reality TV star was in Armenia during the Armenia Technology Convention in Yerevan when she was asked for her opinion about Prince Harry and Meghan by a local reporter.

Kardashian said she understands what the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are going through right now. In the Daily Mail report where she was asked about her stand on Prince Harry and Markle, she stated that nobody is perfect and that she still loves the efforts the royals have been doing.

"I think that everyone makes their own choices and decisions," she said of the Royal couple. "And I think that, like I said, no one's gonna be perfect. I'm not, they're not. I don't know who is."

Kim Unhelpful?

Although Kim's goal was to defend and protect the royal couple, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle's supporters saw her statement as a damage-causing declaration. She is giving the bashers more reasons to grill and attack the royals more which are, indeed, unhelpful.

A fan even called her and Markle both self-serving, self-centered narcissist spectrum individuals. 

The netizens are certain that these celebrities who are dipping their fingers on the issue are just 'feeding' the Duchess' desires, and this will lead to the destruction of the British Royal family.

Out of all the things Kardashian has said, the only thing she got right is the fact that the royal couple is using their influence for the betterment of this world and asking their people for their attention to support their journey.

Moreover, the couple is also promoting mental health awareness, which made Kardashian say that the royals of Sussex are also changing the world like her as an influencer. She also stated that like Markle, she has been through the same path before but still chose to promote the things she believes are right.

Unlike Hillary Clinton, Kardashian did not say anything against the press that is causing trouble for Prince Harry and Meghan.

Kardashian on Protecting the Royals

Just recently, Kardashian also defended the two regarding the issue tabout their use of private jets while promoting the protection of environment.

The Duke and Duchess were slammed after using four private jets in just 11 days last summer despite the fact of being warned about using them.

Following the report, the prince was called a "hypocrite" by Piers Morgan after he launched ecological travel plans. He put the fire out during the launch of his eco-tourism project at Google Climate Change Summit in Sicily and clarified that he needed to travel on private jets to protect his family.

Kardashian, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are all promoting possible environmental resolutions as response to the alarming climate change issues.

As a proclaimed climate change-conscious individual, Kardashian asked the people to be more considerate of the royal couple and just support them in their movements for they mean no harm.

"I still love and value the fact they bring such attention to such important movements that need to happen and things that they're really passionate about," Kim added, per Daily Mail. "They're still changing the world,."

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