5 Reasons to Get a Hair Transplant


The way you look can have a lasting impression on the mind of people. Looking good and having great hair is something everyone wants. The best way to have full hair, if you are going bald is through the hair transplant. Getting a hair transplant is either affordable or not depending on the country. In the UK and the US, where employee's wages are higher, hospitals demand higher costs. While countries where the employees' wages are low, the procedure is less costly.

Just like Hair transplant cost Turkey is affordable. Although while the procedure is cheaper in Turkey, the cost does not hamper the service. Turkey has become a leading country in plastic surgeries for its well-advanced surgeons and hospitals, which yearly attracts a large share of patients, and the Turkish government encourages the industry with subsidies.

Istanbul and Izmir have become popular for the procedure. Their costs are 1350 pounds and 1150 pounds respectively. They cover medication and necessities, accommodation, airport transfer, translator/interpreter services a 12-month aftercare program, and a lifetime warranty certificate.

Turkish hospitals generally favour FUE technique which involves relocating grafts of hair from a donor's scalp like behind the ear or back of the head to a bald or thinning area. When completed hair begins to grow naturally from the new but old scalp.

Reasons to Get a Hair Transplant

●     1. It Is Affordable

The procedure incorporates advanced technology and expert surgeons, and this gives the impression that it is not affordable. But the cost is a one-time payment with minimal expense to manage your hair thereafter. A good hair transplant needs to be done only once; this avoids the recurrent cost of spaced therapy sessions and regular medications. This is not only easy for the pocket but also decreases the hassle you have to maintain your hair. Turkey has seen an improvement and increase in the hair transplant process. Skilled surgeons with years of experience are involved in the process. A good number of hospital provide excellent service.

●     It Is Painless and Scarless

The Surgical process does not require to cut through the scalp of the head, thus no visible scarring. The process is relatively painless with a sensation of a prick for just the first few minutes. The care for the hair after the transplant is simple and is just like natural hair.

●     It Has No Side Effects

The advancement in hair transplant technology has made it more reliable, efficient and patient-friendly. FUT the conventional technique used in hair transplant where the entire scalp of skin is transferred has been replaced with a more detailed and improved method which is FUE where individual grafts of hair are taken from the healthy area, stored and transferred to the balding region. After completion, the previous balding area merges with the new scalp, and the natural hair growth process begins. This could take place up to 8 months. For a normal person with good healthy habits, the procedure works fine. The cases of failure are rare. 

●     It Is Permanent

Hair loss is one of the common problems experienced by men and women alike. The signs of hair can start in the early twenties and become dominant afterwards. Especially among males where this is predominant, for example, the football star, Wayne Rooney has revealed that he began going bald at 25 but not to worry, this can be dealt with. Some medications prevent the hair follicles from damaging and help in regrowing. However, these solutions are not permanent, and you have to continuously apply them for results, and also they have a considerable effect. An FUE hair transplant is done once, and it saves you the cost of returning to hair medication solutions forever.

●     It Gives Natural Results

This procedure is very natural as no artificial hair follicle is inserted into your scalp and all that are used are your own follicles extracted from other areas of your head like behind your ear and back of your head. After the relocation is done your scalp melds with the new one and begins to grow naturally as your own hair.

Turkey is a wonderful place to be especially the cities of Istanbul and Izmir mentioned earlier for they have great places to relax and catch some breath from your busy schedule. It's becoming a trend for people seeking plastic surgeries to tie in their procedures around summer when they get to relax and heal. So you should look towards Turkey for your own permanent hair treatment.

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