Prince Andrew PROTECTED: Prince Charles Could Rescue Little Brother from Jail Time

Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, has been making headlines for quite some time now because of his link to the late pedophile and disgraced financier, Jeffrey Epstein, and the accusations that the royal had sex with one of his alleged victims. 

Who could forget Prince Andrew's November 2019 interview, where he attempted to explain his connection with Epstein? 

The Duke denied the accusations being thrown at him. 

However, that interview didn't seem to help him. Many thought that instead of clearing up his name, he had thrown it to the ground even more, bringing along the British monarchy. 

The BBC interview was seen as a complete disaster. The 60-year-old royal didn't seem believable, nor have shown empathy for the women that Epstein has trafficked in the past. 

Following that interview, the dad of two was forced to step down from his royal duties. Prince Andrew was even wanted by the U.S. authorities, as they want to ask him a couple of questions. 

American prosecutors claim that the royal hasn't been cooperative and has avoided taking their calls to be extradited to the U.S. 

However, it may not be possible because of what happened with his brother, the future King, Prince Charles. 

On July 2, 2020, Ghislaine Maxwell, the former companion and "madame" of Jeffrey Epstein, was arrested.

Since her arrest, many wonder if the Queen's favorite son will be extradited to American to speak to investigators of the Epstein case. 

According to Nigel Cawthorne, in his book "Prince Andrew: Epstein and the Palace," he believes that the Duke of York "could only try to plead against potential extradition if he had immunity from prosecution as a government official or as a member of the Queen's household." 

He claims, "It is accepted that it is the one' get-me-out-of-a-US-jail card' before one gets shunted into the American legal system."

Cawthorne said that the Prince of Wales set that get-out-of-jail card. 

He explained that in 1977, Prince Charles was sued after a 10-minute address at the opening of the law faculty building at the University of Cleveland. 

"Before it could go any further, however, the U.S. State Department intervened and extended legal immunity to Charles."

He continued, "The Prince had set a frequently cited precedent that would now be the best chance of avoiding extradition, should it be requested, for his younger brother." 

Though there are is no news or plans of Prince Andrew being extradited, he is said to be feeling "incredibly nervous" after hearing that Maxwell has been arrested. 

A source told Us Weekly, "That really scares him." The source added that the 58-year-old madame was also said to be "doing almost anything to escape jail time."

If Ghislaine Maxwell gets immunity once she provides the names of high-profile people who sexually molested the women and young girls, everybody is confident that she wouldn't even bat an eyelash and give the investigators the names immediately. 

It may not be the case for Prince Andrew if Maxwell names him as one of the perpetrators, and it is unsure if the British monarchy will save his butt again this time.  

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