‘Amish Mafia’ Season 3: Esther Schmucker Opens Up & Describes Imir R. Williams Attack? [VIDEO]


The newest episode of Amish Mafia will tackle a real-life situation that nearly endangered the life of one of the hit show's stars.

Esther Schmucker Beating Featured On Amish Mafia

Esther Schmucker, who was brutally beaten by ex-boyfriend Imir R. Williams back in October 2013, will open up and describe what she remembers from the attack for the first time on the show's Tuesday, April 1 episode.

In a new clip, she describes how she met Williams, what drew her to him and what she remembers from the night he broke her cheekbone, nose and several teeth.

Esther and Levi Engagement Reports

"I actually met this guy when I was out with my English friends. I mean, at first, he was sweet, charming...he seemed perfect," she says in the clip. "When you grow up Amish, you don't really express your emotions...and Amish guys don't do that. And then when you date an English guy and he tells you all these things, it's just a new thrill."

However, Schmucker continues to reveal that he began to show he wasn't as perfect as he seemed, losing his temper more often and more consistently, until the night where he now infamously beat her as badly as he did.

"He instantly just started yelling, instantly just started yelling at me, coming at me, and he pushed me and I fell back into my dresser," she says. "At that point he just came lunging at me and I screamed. He pushed me back on the bed and just jumped me and just started wailing at my face. And I didn't even know how many punches he had thrown, but I got up and there was just blood everywhere."

She also details the horrifying four days she had to spend with Williams after the attack before she could finally report the incident to police.

"...The next four days, he would not leave my side. He wouldn't leave, and then on Sunday, he threw another temper fit, he threw another rage, and then left the house in a fury," she says. "And then the minute he left the house I asked my friend to take me down to the police station."

In the previous episode of the show, Esther called off her engagement to Levi after finding out he had cheated on her with an English girl and lied about being in Atlantic City. After the episode aired, Schmucker took to her Facebook page to say her revenge was to dress up in English clothes and hit the town as an English woman, hinting that fans would see how that revenge wound up getting her in trouble.

Amish Mafia airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Discovery.

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