‘Mob Wives’ Season 5 Cast: Drita D’avanzo ‘Had Countless Fights Growing Up’ Because She Would ‘Fight Back’ [VIDEO]


Drita D'Avanzo is known for being tough on Mob Wives, so it's no surprise than when the blonde was asked how to deal with a bully, she gave strong advice.

In her weekly advice column for OK! Magazine, D'Avanzo was asked by a fan how she would deal with someone bullying her grandchild at school. The star said she understand the situation and that no one understands how bullying also affects the parents and grandparents of the child.

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"We feel helpless and all we want to do is help but we can't be there with our children all day every day," she wrote. "I have had countless amount of fights growing up. The crazy thing is that 90% of my fights were protecting someone else, whether it was a friend or even a stranger being bullied!!!" The mother of two said when she was younger she would get into fights just because she wanted to beat up the bully who was going after her friends.

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D'Avanzo said when she got older she realized that bullies never pick on the person who can fend for themselves. "No one ever tried to bully me," the Mob Wives star wrote. "Why? Because they knew that I would fight back." She added to go directly to the teacher or whoever is in charge at school because this situation "is a big deal."

Mob Wives hasn't announced a new date yet for it's upcoming fifth season, so we'll have to wait and see how D'Avanzo deals with those tough ladies.

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