'House of Cards' Season 3 News: Showrunner Talks Frank And Claire's 'Highly Unorthodox' Marriage [VIDEO]

In an interview published on June 20, House of Cards showrunner Beau Willimon spoke about working on the Netflix series and a few character relationships, like that of Frank and Claire.

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Speaking to Variety at the ATX Television Festival in Austin, Willimon spoke about Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) and Claire's (Robin Wright) marriage and how, weirdly enough, it stood on a bedrock foundation.

"I thought the most radical thing you could do is have a successful marriage, because a lot of television, theater and movies focus on how love falls apart. To explore love at its strongest, unfortunately, has become an unconventional thing to do," Willimon said. "So, what's intriguing to me about that marriage is that it's highly unorthodox. Whatever vows they took when they got married are not necessarily the vows that they live by day to day. But they have come up with their own set of rules and it works for them. They make each other stronger."

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Willimon went on to emphasize upon how this partnership worked because they broke convention and played by their own rules.

"I think ultimately any partnership is one in which people arrive at their own rules if it's going to last over time. They find ways to adapt and evolve with each other," he said. "The Underwoods certainly have their problems. They get in fights and sometimes the stakes of those and the consequences of those are pretty severe. But they find a way to work it out and it always makes them stronger."

The third season of House of Cards will film in Maryland, where the first and second seasons were also shot. Initially, the continuation of filming of the third season of the Netflix series was fraught with troubles over the past few weeks as the producers weren't getting permission from the State of Maryland. But the issue was finally resolved on April 25.

Watch a trailer for Season 2 of House of Cards:

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