‘Amazing Race’ Season 25 Spoilers: Phil Keoghan Reveals The ‘Secret Ingredient’ Teams Need To Win $1 Million Prize? [VIDEO]

The Amazing Race won't begin airing it's new season for nearly two months yet, and even though he knows which team will walk away with the title of season 25 champions, even he can't explain what makes certain teams win over others.

Brooke Adams & Robbie Strauss Possible Season 25 Winners?

At the CBS Press Tour Red Carpet on July 18, he revealed that if there's a secret ingredient to success on the show, he doesn't know it.

"I don't know if anybody really knows what the secret ingredient is," he said. "...so I think part of the success of The Amazing Race is that it's unpredictable."

Bethany Hamilton & Adam Dirks Make Final Three?

He even revealed that he and the producers of the show all bet every season on who they think will win the whole thing-but so far, no one has ever gotten it right.

"Here's the thing, the show's been on 25 seasons...we all take a little wager at the beginning 0of every season, I'll be totally honest with you, and we've been doing it for more than a decade," he said. "None of us have ever gotten it right, Not once. So that shows you how unpredictable the show is...Nobody ever wins the money. We all just end up throwing it all in and having a beer at the end of the race."

And while he couldn't give away too much information about season 25 specifically, he did reveal that there's so much left for them to see and do before the shoe ever comes to an end.

"There's so many places to go. You know by the time we get around the whole world, we'll be ready for space exploration. We will travel to other planets and beyond," he said. "...There's still a lot to see. We have not been to Nepal, we haven't been to Antarctica. There's so many places we haven't gone."

He also expressed how excited he was that they did things a little differently this time around, opening up the starting line to fans for the first time, and officially revealing the cast months ahead of the premiere.

The cast racing for $1 million in season 25 is:

1. Bethany Hamilton and Adam Dirks: married surfers from Princeville, Hawaii

2. Kym Perfetto and Alli Forsythe: urban bike racers from Brooklyn, N.Y.

3. Amy Dejong and Maya Warren: food scientists from Madison, Wisc.

4. Lisa and Michelle Thomson: Realtor sisters from Miami, Fla.

5. Michael Ward and Scott Strazzullo: firefighters from Boston, Mass.

6. Brooke Adams and Robbie E. Strauss: dating pro wrestlers from Houston, Texas , and Woodbridge, N.J.

7. Tim Tsao and Te Jay McGrath: College sweethearts from Pasadena, Calif.

8. Isabelle Du and Dennis Hour: model and accountant from Tustin, Calif.

9. Keith Tollefson and Whitney Duncan: engaged couple from Nashville, Tenn.

10. Misti and Jim Raman: married dentists from Columbia, S.C.

11. Shelley and Nici Porter: mother/daughter from Detroit, Mich.

Season 25 premieres on a new night, Friday, September 26, at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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