'Haven' Season 5 Premiere PHOTOS Released, What Are Nathan, Duke & Audrey Up To? [VIDEO]

Haven will have a whole new set of troubles when season 5 premieres, and most of them will revolve around the reappearance of Mara.

'Haven' Season 5 To Delve Into Core Characters, One Major Cast Addition

The twisted original personality of Audrey Parker is back and her intentions are far from noble. Now that the premiere is less than a month away, fans can see what Mara, Nathan, Duke, and Dwight will get up to during "See No Evil."

Set to pick up shortly after the events of "The Lighthouse," the premiere will explain what happened following William's tumble into another dimension, Audrey's sudden transition, Jennifer's life or death situation, and Duke's trouble overload.

Lucy Ripley's Story To Be Explored On 'Haven', How Much Of Audrey's Past Will Be Revealed?

Luckily for Duke, it doesn't appear his system overload will leave him any worse for ware. Photos from Zap2It show the smuggler up and about, although looking rather annoyed.

While Mara turns a gun on Audrey's best friends, Nathan and Dwight will be busy trying to fulfill their police duties amidst a whole new level of chaos.

Find out more about Haven when the series returns to Syfy on Sept. 11. Click the video below to see a preview for season 5.

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