'Expendables 4' Rumors: Pierce Brosnan, Hulk Hogan & Robert DeNiro On Stallone's Wish-List For Fourth Installment [VIDEO]


While The Expendables 3 is still in theaters, it seems like Sylvester Stallone is already looking ahead at who will join the cast for the fourth installment in the franchise and it seems like some big names could be coming aboard.

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Earlier this month, Jackie Chan talked about being involved with the movie and noted that he would join the movie if he were given a substantial role, mainly because the actor didn't want to show up for a day and be in the movie for just two minutes as a cameo.

Other names that have been mentioned as a wish-list by Movie Moron are former Bond Pierce Brosnan, Hulk Hogan and now Robert DeNiro.

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Brosnan would be an easy choice as the actor has kept up with his action roots since leaving the Bond franchise after Die Another Day. The actor is most recently going to be in The November Man, which is a spy thriller in the vein of James Bond, but one that seems to have just as much action involved.

Hogan would be an interesting choice and one that would at least add to some nostalgia, much like Chuck Norris participating in The Expendables 2. The wrestler would most likely fit right in with the cast and could add some humorous moments in what would most likely be a brief cameo-type role.

DeNiro is a choice that probably is most likely at happening. The actor has been taking anything thrown at him lately and would likely accept a role in the movie even if it were small.

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