'Expendables 4' News: Stallone Wants To Film The Next Movie In Asia, Get Director John Woo To Helm The Film [VIDEO]


Maybe Sylvester Stallone saw the success of the last Transformers movie in China, but it seems like the action star may want to take his Expendables franchise over to the Asian nation as well.

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Speaking with CNTV on Tuesday, Stallone talked about his plans to make the next Expendables movie in China.

"As we go on, we will continue to add more stars, more personalities, more athletes, more individuals around the world, not just Americans. They'll be from all parts of the world. Hopefully, we'll be able to film in Asia very soon," Stallone said.

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As for the replacement for Patrick Hughes, Stallone is eyeing Mission: Impossible 2 and Face/Off director John Woo to take over for the next movie in China. He also talked about getting Jackie Chan for the next movie.

"We've always wanted to use Jackie Chan. The only reason we didn't...because there really wasn't a part big enough for him, because we had so many actors. But in the next one, we are going to reduce the actors, and let's just say, expand the screen time of each star," Stallone said.

Star Arnold Schwarzenegger also talked about not caring about the nationality of directors. "I go by talent. I think Asia has some really talented directors, the Austrians have some talented directors, the Americans have them, the French have them," Schwarzenegger said.

"So I think you just have to find the appropriate director, not to do it for political reasons, or not because it can raise more money if you hire an revered Asian director or an Austrian director. I think if you just get the right person."

The Expendables 4 has no release date and is expected to come after Stallone's Rambo 5.

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