‘Breaking Amish’ Season 3 Spoilers: New Cast Heads To Brooklyn, Thinks They ‘Will Die’ Amid Parties, Hook-Ups & Gay Encounters [VIDEO]

TLC has officially released the preview trailer for the newest season of Breaking Amish, and the newest cast may be the most controversial one to be featured on the series.

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The newest group of Amish adults leaving their families and strict religious lifestyles behind for English lives in Brooklyn, N.Y., will see them engaging in similar behaviors that the casts before them have-including drinking and having promiscuous sex-but the drama surrounding them could be the most intense yet.

The trailer, which shows their arrival in New York surprising them in several ways (they believe the intense amounts of graffiti and trash in the streets are a sign that they're somewhere dangerous, and constantly worry that drivers will hit them with their cars and kill them), also shows just how the cast will get a bit crazy.

'Breaking Amish' Filming Third Season in Brooklyn

At one point, the hook-ups become an issue, as one of the girls will be confronted by another woman-who is upset because she had slept with her husband.

"Why did you f-ing have sex with my husband?" the woman accuses her in the clip.

And while it's unclear if the man she hooked up with was a random English guy or one of her co-stars, it won't be the only sexually charged drama to hit this group-as the two male stars will potentially go where no other men from the series have gone before.

"I've never seen two guys make out," one of the girls says while on a cab ride with her male co-stars. "Do it."

Sure enough, the two men do appear to head towards one another for a kiss.

The cast (according to a press release from TLC) includes:

1. Miriam: a 26-year-old mom from Ohio who is being shunned for disobedience to the community. She heads to New York to pursue her dream of working in construction, in an effort to provide her son with a better life, but will struggle with being separated from him.

2. Vonda: a 29-year-old Indiana who has already committed to the faith and been baptized, and risks losing everything if she goes to New York. After losing her previous boyfriend to cancer, she is ready to see what else the world has to offer.

3. Barbie: a 22-year-old from Kentucky who wants to experience English life, despite pressure to settle down with her longtime boyfriend.

4. Bates: a 21-year-old from Ohio who has dreams of being an actor and is conflicting with his father over his non-Amish ways.

5. Matthias: a 21-year-old who was adopted by his Amish parents in Ohio who recently married a Mennonite woman and is expecting a child with her-and now must decide if he should stay home and start raising a family or if he wants to pursue a career in music.

Breaking Amish season three premieres Thursday, September 18 at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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