'Thor 3' Movie Spoilers: Cloned, Robot Version Of The God Of Thunder Could Appear Depending On Outcome Of 'Avengers 2' [VIDEO]

Depending on how the robot Ultron will be in the next Avengers movie, the third installment in the Thor franchise could feature a cloned, robot version of the God of Thunder that could bring destruction to Asgard.

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With the Ragnarok plot line being the suspected story for the next Thor movie, it seems like there could be an appearance by the character, Ragnarok, especially with the emergence of Hank Pym in the Marvel Universe and Tony Stark's experience in making robots.

In the comics, as a cyborg clone of Thor, Ragnarok has all the powers and knowledge of the God of Thunder, (prior to Thor's recent acquisition of the Odinforce) including super-strength, extensive combat knowledge, godly stamina, high resistance to physical injury, immunity to all Earthly diseases, and superhuman agility and reflexes.

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Ragnarok's hammer, though not the enchanted Mjolnir, is constructed of a vibranium and adamantium alloy.

He first appears during a battle between pro and anti-registration forces, Iron Man unleashes his clone which malfunctions and kills the villain, Black Goliath. It is later revealed that the cloned thunder god was created by Reed Richards and Hank Pym from a strand of Thor's hair Tony found during a meeting with the original Avengers many years ago.

The debut of the Thor clone affected both sides and killed Goliath with a blast through the chest during a battle.

This could be an entricing note because Stark has taken an interest in the other Avengers after the first movie and could of produced that between the first movie and the second. Pym is entering the MCU with Ant-Man, and whose to say he can't pop up for a while in the next Thor movie? Something along the lines of Nick Fury in Iron Man 2.

This could help to link Ant-Man to the rest of the MCU and add something different to the universe in the form of a robot Thor.

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