'Expendables 4' Movie News: John Cusack Interested In Joining The Cast, Says 'I Think I Can Do It' [VIDEO]

While names like Pierce Brosnan and Hulk Hogan are being thrown around, it seems like another actor would like to get into the action when the fourth installment of the Expendables franchise gets made and he thinks he has what it takes.

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Speaking with Manly Movie on Sunday, 2012 star John Cusack talked about wanting to do the next Expendables movie and believes that he has what it takes to cut it with some of the biggest on-screen action legends.

"What's my price? What do I have to do in it? Do I throw a nice in someone's chest and say 'stick around?'  I think I can do it," Cusack said.

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Cusack is one that has popped up in a lot of movies recently and wouldn't be the biggest left field selection for the franchise. It would make sense for the actor to show up in a more cameo type role similar to Kelsey Grammar in the last movie.

He also has some history with action as he has led blockbuster movies like 2012, The Raven, and his upcoming movie, The Prince, with Expendables alum Bruce Willis to show off his fighting abilities and would be able to hold his own amongst the other legends like Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Cusack also would make more sense in a smaller role, unlike other rumored name, Jackie Chan, who would like to have a larger role if he is going to show up for the movie.

The Expendables 4 doesn't have a release date, with it coming after Stallone's Rambo 5.

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