'Justice League' Movie News: Jared Leto Is The Joker, But How Will His Version Fit Into The New DC Shared Universe? [VIDEO]

The team-up of Batman and Superman will kick-start a new shared universe for the DC Comic characters and Suicide Squad will keep it going by bringing in some new faces and old villains. With Jared Leto appearing as The Joker in the latter movie, what does that mean for the future of the character?

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Leto will first appear as the famed villain in Suicide Squad in a plot that is rumored to be centered on the squad breaking into Arkham Asylum to get the Joker out. If that still stands, it could mean that Leto's appearance will be shorter than the others.

But what about post-Suicide Squad? Will the Joker factor into some future solo films or Justice League?

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With no definite date for a new Batman solo film set, Justice League Part 1 could be the most solid guess for when audiences will see The Joker next. It is unclear how long the deal that Leto signed with Warner Bros. is and if that includes multiple films, but it is probably something similar to the four-picture deal that Jason Momoa signed to be Aquaman.

Unlike the rest of the Suicide Squad members, The Joker, and probably by extension Harley Quinn, can work in other movies. With no date yet for a sequel, it seems like those two characters are the most likely to move on to other films and Leto could become a factor in Justice League as a team-up with Lex Luthor could happen.

Imagine Joker causing issues during Justice League Part 1 or 2, which ends in his arrest, and the Batman solo film plays out like the video game, Arkham Asylum, with Batman bringing him back to the prison and kicking off that story for the movie.

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