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Real Housewives of New York: Heather Thomson Fractures Her Nose; Says She's Thought About Getting a Nose Job

By Alyssa Goldman, EnStars
on Aug 28, 2012 01:15 PM EDT
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  • Heather Thomson
  • Heather Thomson (Photo : Facebook (Heather Thomson's Profile Pictures))

"Real Housewives of New York" star and designer Heather Thomson did some major damage to her schnoz during the Aug. 28 episode.

During the "Housewives" episode Thomson accidentally ran into a sliding glass door and nearly broke her nose. With Carole Radziwill and LuAnne de Lesseps by her side, Thomson revealed it might be time to do something drastic: get plastic surgery.

She admitted to her fans that she was in more pain than she let on to the cameras.

"I was okay but watch my profile shots ohhh they are usually not great but #swollen," Thomson tweeted during the show.  "I hair line fractured it [my nose] #glasstoclean."

"I've always wanted to get a nose job someday," Thomson told Radziwill, according to WetPaint Entertainment. "But my family won't let me!"

It isn't clear why Thomson's family is against her getting a nose job if she wants one; however, from some of her recent tweets it seems they like her just the way she is.

"I did at one point think about it [getting a nose job] b/c of a deviated septum but I didn't do it," she tweeted to one of her followers. "My nose is my heritage."

She responded to one of her followers, "I am keeping my god given Shnozo."

In her Bravo blog, Thomson jokes about her klutzy moment.

"During the tour, I basically walk full speed into the glass wall! OUCH! I really bang up my nose (a hairline fracture actually), but at least I leave my mark. . .on the glass! LOL!"

Thomson was not pleased with her injury, but she sure appreciated her fans supportive comments.  

"Thanks everyone for sayin I look pretty with my swollen nose u guys rock!"

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