'True Detective' Season 2 Cast: Colin Farrell Unlikely To Surprise As Ray Velcoro On HBO Drama? [VIDEO]

Colin Farrell will be mixed up with some questionable people during HBO's second season of True Detective.

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The actor is set to portray Detective Ray Velcoro, a man torn between his job and the criminals who essentially own him. While creator Nic Pizzolatto isn't dropping any hints as to which way he will go, fans can take a look at Farrell's career to see which side his characters ultimately end up on.

Some actors fulfill a certain type of role over and over again throughout their careers. There are the honest heroes, the cunning backstabbers, the funny men, and so on.  

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Farrell has had a pretty varied career so far. He's played a brooding lover in The New World and a charasmatic lunatic vampire in Fright Night. He charmed audiences as a wayward, good-hearted father in Saving Mr. Banks and surprised as a disgusting, offensive cocaine addict in Horrible Bosses.

So what's the common thread? Is the actor ever typecast? Farrell's decision making as an actor is far less predictable than the characters he plays.

He often goes for diverse roles, but true ones. Even when dishonest or conflicted, his characters are usually upfront about it. They don't necessarily try to hide who they are, at least from the audience.

With this in mind, it's unlikely Ray will stand behind many surprises as Pizzolatto's crime drama unfolds. Nonetheless, Farrell is expected to turn in a strong performance nonetheless.

Alongside Farrell, True Detective's second season will star Vince Vaughn (career criminal Frank Semyon), Rachel McAdams (Detective Ani Bezzerides) and Taylor Kitsch (Officer Paul Woodrugh).

True Detective will return on HBO for a second season mid-2015.

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