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Remembering September 11: NBC Today Show SKIPS Twin Towers Tribute, Airs Kris Jenner Interview (VIDEO)

By Sonya Magett, EnStars
on Sep 11, 2012 03:57 PM EDT
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  • Kris Jenner
  • On Monday, Oct. 7 she told Us Weekly tat she and her husband Bruce have been apart for one year after 22 years of marriage. On Tuesday, Oct. 8, Kris and Bruce released a joint statement to E! News. (Photo : Keeping Up with the Kardashians)
  • 9/11 Light Tribute

  • The Tribute in Light is illuminated next to the Statue of Liberty and One World Trade Center during events marking the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York (Photo : Reuters)

President Barack Obama led the annual moment of silence for the World Trade Center attacks on Tuesday, Sept. 11.  Every television network around the country aired the tribute live on air except NBC's "TODAY" show, which instead decided to air an interview with Kris Jenner discussing her latest boob job.

Freedom Tower Time-Lapse Video Released on 11th Anniversary of 9/11 [WATCH]

"Back now at 8:45 with Kris Jenner, the matriarch of the Kardashian clan," said co-host Savannah Guthrie before starting a five-minute interview about Jenner's recent breast enhancement surgery and rapper Kanye West being a part of the Kardashian family.

At 8:46 am, the exact time the first plane hit one of two buildings that was part of the Twin Towers in 2001,  the President and First Lady led the remembrance from the White House.

NBC's New York City local affiliate opted to not join the rest of the country and aired Kardashian's interview live.

The network has been slammed for the decision. It came as a shock to the show's viewers because New York City is where the attacks took place. Hundreds of people gathered around the memorial. Members of NYPD, FDNY and Port Authority and the victims' families observed a moment of silence at Ground Zero in the city where the Twin Towers once stood.

As Jenner chatted with Savanna Guthrie, critics tweeted complaints about NBC's decision to forgo airing the live tribute for a chat with a reality star.

"The Today Show has Kris Jenner on, no mentions of 9/11. Is 11 years the expiration date of caring? Terrible," wrote one critic.

"The fact that Kris Jenner is a guest on the today show on 9/11 seriously makes me doubt humanity," wrote another.

"The Today Show chose to continue their interview with Kris Jenner rather than participate in a 9.11 moment of silence. DISGUSTING."


Meanwhile, former Today host Ann Curry is reportedly being offered an $8 million book deal to reveal the inside scoop on her former TODAY show colleagues.

The book would be a tell-all where Curry would share inside knowledge on her former co-anchor Matt Lauer and her replacement Savannah Guthrie.

Curry was reported to be disappointed in Lauer for helping orchestrate her exit in late June when she was replaced by Guthrie due to a decline in televison ratings.

TODAY show has been beaten by Good Morning America after holding the no.1 spot for sixteen years. Lauer is now reportedly "hated" by TODAY show's production crew members and several long-term producers for Curry's departure.

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