Shonda Rhimes News 2015: 'Scandal' Creator Fires Back At Critics For Olivia Pope Storyline, 'I Have Heard Of Slavery' [VIDEO]

Some fans of ABC's hit political thriller Scandal aren't too happy with the show's creator, Shonda Rhimes. Viewers of the show believe that the 'slavery storyline' is very inappropriate especially during Black History Month. While some fans seem to be enjoying where to show is going, others took to Twitter to bash the show creator for what they believe is a poor writing choice.

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The mid season premiere picked up where things left off. Olivia Pope, the show's African American female protagonist, was taken against her will and was held in a prison-like facility at the hands of the Vice President.

Somehow Liv managed to convince her captor to sell her to the highest bidder so that she could buy time for her team of gladiators to save her from captivity.

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Some fans think that Rhimes has taken her story line too far and they think that the plot is a representation of slavery and it's totally disrespectful especially during the month of February because of Black History Month.

Rhimes fired back at those critics assuring them that she is aware of what slavery is and those weren't her intentions.

"We've been writing about the dynamics of race, gender, and power over here at Scandal for 4 seasons. All Gladiators know that."

Scandal airs every Thursday night at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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