'Stalker' Spoilers: Beth's Former Stalker Goes On A Terrifying Rampage? [VIDEO]

On the next episode of CBS' hit-show, Stalker, obsession will spin out of control as Beth's former stalker goes on a terrifying rampage.

'Stalker's' Twitter Page Tweets First Look Photo Of A Cult For Episode [PHOTO]

On Wednesday, the official Twitter page for the show posted a sneak peek video of the next episode called Fun and Games.

The summary of the video stated: "Beth's stalker goes on a terrifying and deadly rampage targeting her inner circle as he methodically moves in on her."

'Stalker' Team Deals With 'Rare Case Of Group Stalking In Episode?

In the video, Beth is at the center of the investigation where her former stalker is targeting people around her. When asked if he is going to kill whoever he has captured she responds, "I believe that is his intention."

Then when told she could leave work and that security could be sent to her home she says, "No, no. I prefer to stay."

Beth appears genuinely scared and worried throughout the entire sneak peek video. The tweet itself received 38 retweets and 77 favorites within four hours of posting.

Fans were left with a major cliffhanger last week as the final scene of the episode, Salvation, features Amanda walking to her car. Ray is seen sneaking up behind her as he bashes her head against the car.

Viewers are left seeing Amanda's body lying unconscious on the ground with blood coming from her head. Ray is seen walking away and fans are left questioning what would happen next.

Stalker is a criminal drama that follows a team led by characters Beth and Jack as they deal with stalking cases in Los Angeles.

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