'Stalker' TV Show News: Fans React To Perry's Death On Twitter [VIDEO]

Stalker friends were definitely sad to see charater Perry die on this week's episode and they took to Twitter to share it.

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On Saturday, Stalker's Twitter page tweeted a photo of Perry with the caption: "Okay, fan poll, who misses Perry?"

Fans didn't hesitate to respond after the post got 70 retweets and 174 favorites.

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"Perry died??!! What!! I knew I shouldn't have missed!!!! #Stalker #How???," one fan tweeted.

"@StalkerCBS i cried when perry died. so yes i miss him," said Twitter user @sarahdonahuue.

"God, even I was shocked at how he died," said another user.

"SOOOO bummed to see @erik_stocklin go!! Qhat an AHmazing actor! #Stalker," tweeted one user.

"i miss perry. But i'm happy he was able to redeem himself in the end," tweeted a fan.

Another fan was worried that Stalker is on the verge of being cancelled.

"@StalkerCBS Not me, but I'll miss Stalker if you don't renew it :(" said the user.

The Wednesday before this episode aired, the official Twitter page for the show posted a sneak peek video of the next episode called Fun and Games.

The summary of the video stated: "Beth's stalker goes on a terrifying and deadly rampage targeting her inner circle as he methodically moves in on her."

No one was really anticipating a major character death.

Stalker is a criminal drama that follows a team led by characters Beth and Jack as they deal with stalking cases in Los Angeles.

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