Portia de Rossi News: 'Scandal' Actress Praises Showrunner Shonda Rhimes For Tackling Controversial Homosexuality Issues On Shows [VIDEO]

Portia de Rossi, a member of the LGBT community, is praising Shonda Rhimes for tackling controversial issues such as homosexuality in her ABC hit shows.

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During last Thursday night's episode of Scandal, a woman named Rose went to visit Olivia Pope after her lover Lois (Liv's neighbor who was shot by her captors) went 'missing' and hadn't been found.

At the time Liv simply thought that the two ladies had been very close friends however she quickly learned that the ladies were lovers.

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Rose explained that after Lois's family found out that she was gay, they moved her away from her lover and after Lois's husband died, she and Rose were able to reconnect and build a relationship.

De Rossi, who's married to talk show host Ellen DeGeneres took to Twitter to acknowledge that Rhimes is normalizing television by illustrating that people, despite their sexuality, race, or cultural background, can and should be shown on TV.

"I can't imagine living life behind closed doors like Lois and Rose. Many did," the Scandal star said adding, "Thanks to Shonda Rhimes for telling these stories. #Scandal."

Fans on Twitter also applauded Rhimes for creating such beautiful stories and they also commended the actress for living out her truth and being a voice for those who feel silenced.

Viewers can see more of de Rossi every Thursday night at 9 p.m. on ABC's hit show Scandal.

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