'Ted 2' Trailer: John & His Bear Try To Steal Tom Brady's Sperm & Amanda Seyfried Gets High In Latest Promo [VIDEO]

The teddy bear is back and he's cruder than ever.

Is 'Ted 2' Going To Have More Wild Action?

The restricted trailer for Ted 2 was released on Monday and it shows a lot of the hard-core R-rated features that'll be happening in the goofy comedy. This includes drug use, sexual talk and plenty of swearing.

The trailer starts off with Ted the bear and John (Mark Wahlberg) chilling on the couch watching Law & Order. As the two get high together, the bear says that he and his lover Tami-Lynn (Jessica Barth) want to have a baby. But with Ted's obvious lack of being able to conceive, he and John decide to go for Plan B- stealing sperm from New England Patriots player Tom Brady.

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The two go over to his house and sneak into his room. When they look under his sheet, a light shines down as if Heaven was just witnessed. But Brady wakes up and throws the two guys out his window.

Ted and Tami-Lynn find out that they can't have a baby unless the bear proves he is a person in a court of law. So when he and John find themselves a lawyer, it happens to be a young woman named Samantha played by Amanda Seyfried. Ted doesn't seem the least bit confident that she can help them out- until she busts out a giant bong causing her two new clients to have a seat.

See the inappropriately hysterical trailer on Hollywood Life here.

Ted 2 hits theaters on June 26.

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