‘Mad Men’ Spoilers 2015: Christina Hendricks Says She Is ‘Pleased’ By How Show Is Going To End For Joan [VIDEO]

For anyone who has been enjoying these last few episodes of Mad Men, it's becoming quite clear that Joan - played by actress Christina Hendricks - is having quite a bumpy ride. Her transition to McCann Erickson has been all but smooth and according to Sunday night's episode, she might not be coming back to claim her full share.

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But for Hendricks though, she says she is completely fine with the way Joan will be riding off in the sunset, even though things don't look very bright for her in the advertising world. Thankfully, her story line has a good enough ending that will leave viewers satisfied, too.

She told Redbook magazine in a new interview, "I'm surprised that I was. After that long, you think, how can you possibly be satisfied, but when I read it, I was pleased. I was very pleased."

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Hendricks also says that she is going to miss the show desperately, after it says its final good-bye in its series finale, which is scheduled to air on May 17.

She said, "I will never get sick of talking about 'Mad Men'...I'm such a huge fan. I am so utterly proud of it and am going to miss it like crazy."

As far as what's next for the curvaceous beauty, Hendricks doesn't seem to be too worried.

She explained, "I march to the beat of my own drum and think everyone should do the same. I would never expect anyone to conform to my beat or anybody else's. In this I have always been consistent."

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